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Our primary focus is to uncover and explain the tactics and opinions of the world’s leading tax departments. We do this by talking to market leaders and tax directors of the world’s biggest businesses. Our subscribers in industry, government and private practice can apply this insight to their workflows, and learn how these figures are dealing with the issues that matter most. 

The only publication going beyond black letter analysis, featuring: 



Direct Tax 



Enabling you to discover the issues affecting our network of corporate tax directors and advisors. Gain insight into how to achieve tax certainty, promote compliance, and prevent audits and litigation


Indirect Tax 



Explaining how companies are managing their indirect tax burdens. Learn how automation can ease the tax compliance burden. Understand the new rules and trends affecting the countries that matter


Transfer Pricing 



Providing exclusive insight into which TP method you could use, why and how. Whether you are a tax director in industry, a tax advisor or a government representative we have all the information you need to navigate the TP landscape


Why subscribe?

  • Understand market best practice in response to audits, policy changes, filing standards and tax planning

  • Track the pain points of multinationals as they tackle increased compliance challenges, the onslaught of digital taxation requirements and politicised tax policy

  • Grow their network of corporate tax sources. By gathering and publishing a wide range of in-house opinions on a given issue ITR provides you access to the views of your peers



ITR helps MNEs see the 'bigger picture' 

"It’s really good to have an eye over different countries and you can rely on ITR to have the latest updates. Without it, it would be difficult to be aware of what’s happening in other countries

"The intelligence gathered by ITR and peers’ comments are good source of information that can help my decision making process.", tax director, Acer

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